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3 Ways to Celebrate Juneteenth Today and Beyond

3 Ways to Celebrate Juneteenth Today and Beyond

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Juneteenth holds deep significance for our community. I love Juneteenth—the celebrations, cookouts, line dancing, big momma kisses, and collard greens (ohhhhhh… I love collard greens).

Juneteenth is also an opportunity for remembrance and reverence—a time to honor our profound strength, resilience, and connectivity with joy.

Did you know that Juneteenth was first celebrated in Texas in 1866 as a day of unity and fellowship among newly freed Black Americans who were enslaved, two and a half whole years after President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation?

Word took a while to reach Galveston, Texas, but once it did, the holiday spread to other parts of the country and has since become an important day for celebrating Black brilliance and freedom.

In June 2021, along with our B is for Black Brilliance founding year (how cool is that?), Juneteenth finally became a federally recognized holiday.

Since last Juneteenth, I’ve learned a lot. My most poignant lesson of the year has been that we have an inherent need for love and liberation. When we embrace our personal and collective brilliance, we keep our freedom and liberty at the forefront and live more intentionally.  

And that’s what Juneteenth is about for me and all of us. Our collective brilliance is what has ALWAYS moved us. As we care for the next generation, we must continue sharing our collective brilliance.

Let’s recommit this and every Juneteenth to celebrate Black brilliance with the kids in our care.

Check out three ideas for how we can celebrate Juneteenth all year long: 

Have a Groove Fest Dance Party: Get those dancing shoes ready! Create a Juneteenth playlist of uplifting and affirming music celebrating black joy. Have a dance party with your little ones, grooving to the rhythm and spreading positive vibes. Follow our Instagram page this month, where our Black Brilliance “Soul Train” is all the way live! Share the brilliant stories of 18 Black and brilliant humans with your kids. They’ll love to hear and see examples of Black brilliance… join us as we groove!

Go Back in the Day with Storytime: Share legacy stories that highlight us. Choose books focusing on Black joy, creativity, and achievements, nurture their imagination, and instill a sense of pride. Buy our book here!

Explore the Block: Seek out nearby events in your local community. Attend parades, festivals, or cultural exhibitions where your children can witness the vibrancy and unity of our community.

We stand on the power of imagination and the brilliance of expressing ourselves. Through art, music, and storytelling, we ignite joy within you and your kids, who will grow to inherit this world with our legacies in their hands and hearts.

As we celebrate our second Blackaversary at B is for Black Brilliance, we express our deepest gratitude for your continued support. You are the reason we do what we do. Together, we will reclaim the narrative of Blackness. Our collective work will change how we teach, love, and live.
Let’s keep shining a light on Black brilliance, spreading love, celebrating us, and working toward a world where joy, liberation, and excellence become the status quo for ourselves and our kids