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Who is B is for Black Brilliance?

At B is for Black Brilliance, we acknowledge and amplify Black brilliance. We design and share engaging, joyful, pro-Black books and materials that celebrate real-life examples of Blackness as genius for caregivers and kids. All of our materials are created by Black people as a movement ensuring that Black brilliance is acknowledged, amplified, and celebrated today and always. We hope this movement awakens a more profound knowledge of Black creators and ultimately propels us to the center of conversations about who to trust with knowledge as leaders, innovators, and curators for generations to come.

Our Vision

We envision a world where Black brilliance is celebrated in every household, and Black children and caregivers can lead abundant and liberated lives.

Our mission

We design and share engaging, beautifully illustrated learning materials and educational resources that amplify Black brilliance. 

Black authors and creators authentically produce our products to showcase Black brilliance in all forms, offering real-life examples of how Blackness can and should be acknowledged and celebrated.

Our Values

At B is for Black Brilliance, our values stem from ancestral wisdom and our childrens’ power, creating the foundation for our work, life, and legacy. We chose to express our values in partnership because we believe embracing nuance is part of living a fulfilled life. Our values serve as guidelines for how we work, live, and love. We draw strength and guidance from each set of values to build our movement and our community. 







Our Products

Working in allyship as a team of Black authors, creatives, and illustrators, we design and create educational resources and books where Black characters take the lead. We use our creative energies to address race, diversity, empowerment, activism, self-love, and liberation to educate and inspire Black kids (and parents).

I'm not black, can i buy this book or contribute to this movement?

For people who act in allyship, this book is also for you and especially for your children. It’s time for you and your family to fully step into your and our history. Black history and Black futures are part of your narrative, your work is to learn, reconcile and honor us too. If you’re willing to commit- were happy to have you as part of our movement.

A Note from Our Founder and CEO

My name is Shawna Wells, and I am the Founder and CEO of B is for Black Brilliance.  I am also an educator, a mom, a friend, and an executive coach. 

I grew up in a world where I rarely saw Black people or Black brilliance in books, movies, or lessons. My school supplies often had non-Black characters displayed on them, and the heroes we talked about at school were rarely the same race as me.  

When I became a teacher in 2004, I was shocked to see that not much had changed from my childhood. I looked everywhere for books and stories about Black characters for my students to read and learn about Black brilliance in meaningful ways. Then, I was reminded of my own reflections as a child and young adult. There were very few stories about Black brilliance being told in my school. 

My experience matches the statistics: in 2017, only 11% of all children’s books featured a significant Black character which amounts to only 330 books—only 100 of which were written and illustrated by Black people. Further, only 2% of the characters on backpacks and school supplies were people of color. 

I founded B is for Black Brilliance because it’s time to educate our children differently. B is for Black brilliance will equip caregivers, educators, Black kids, and kids (and parents) working in allyship with vibrant books, resources, and tools that affirm and celebrate Black history AND Black futures.