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We’re over here shifting mindsets and reclaiming the narrative of Blackness. We believe in centering the stories of our brilliance, every single day.
So, this year and every year we are canceling Black History Month and replacing it with Black Brilliance month. Yea- we know it’s bold- hear us out…
We do this to honor all the parts of our story- past, present, and future. And, as a loving nudge to all of us as we raise the next generation of leaders. It’s time to amplify, cultivate, and celebrate the Black brilliance we see. Every. Single. Day. WE are Black history, Black present, and Black future.
This month and every month, you’ll see us amplifying the choir of brilliant Black voices that have filled our souls, our stories, and our lineages. And, you’ll see us focus time on Black and brilliant, present-day activists, singers, caregivers, and game-changers.
We focus our energy here because it’s time to reset the stories we tell. We gotta access new stories that celebrate the profound nature of the Black spirit. As we collectively refresh our stories of Black brilliance we will create new points of possibility for the children in our care. And, they will create a robust blueprint of Brilliance for themselves and for others.
Join us this month as we lift our voices and tell our stories through… story.
We’ll be honoring 27 books that amplify, cultivate, and celebrate Black Brilliance by awarding them our new Black Brilliance Badge.
Our new badge is awarded to businesses, nonprofit organizations, and people committed to amplifying, celebrating, and cultivating Black brilliance.
After this kickoff, we’ll be makin’ it rain with Black Brilliance Badges all year long y’all. Stay tuned as we honor businesses, nonprofit organizations, and people. We’ll lift the voices as a blueprint for all of us and for the children coming behind us.
We’ll create a network of people who are devoted to shifting the narrative of Blackness.

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Join our movement as we build a world where Black brilliance is amplified, celebrated, and cultivated.
Happy Black Brilliance Month from B is for Black Brilliance!