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B is for Black Brilliance is in a period of growth and expansion. As we experience abundance, I am reflecting on life and all of the lessons I've been taught about Black brilliance. As I manifested this dream, I wondered what I would say to all of the people that have shaped our brand and how I could express my gratitude for all that has been shared with me. As I looked for ways to “speak” to each person about the legacy we are building, I started writing letters. Our blog is a compilation of letters to people who have influenced our brand. Each letter includes lessons for children and adults. I hope these lessons on love, healing, and brilliance serve as a tool for you and the children you care for each day.

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To the Waitress at The Red Rooster

As a little girl, I remember sitting at tables full of adults telling stories. I barely understood the story’s context, but I watched as the power of a good story moved through a room. The sweetness of each sentence drifted through the air like the smell of freshly baked biscuits. My favorite stories

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A Playlist of Rap Queen Lessons

Do our ladies run this mug?? HECK yeah. This month across our social media, we’re giving it up for the #RapQueens who hold us down. From the OG female MCs

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Letter to 2022

Dear 2022,    You’ve gone by so fast that I can barely remember how you started. , In only 365 days, you’ve shown me the true value of legacy, love,

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