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B is for Black Brilliance is in a period of growth and expansion. As we experience abundance, I am reflecting on life and all of the lessons I've been taught about Black brilliance. As I manifested this dream, I wondered what I would say to all of the people that have shaped our brand and how I could express my gratitude for all that has been shared with me.

As I looked for ways to “speak” to each person about the legacy we are building, I started writing letters. Our blog is a compilation of letters to people who have influenced our brand. Each letter includes lessons for children and adults. I hope these lessons on love, healing, and brilliance serve as a tool for you and the children you care for each day.

A Black and Brilliant Day in Indianapolis: Our Modern Green Book

Our trip to Indianapolis to honor incredible people, businesses, and movements with the Black Brilliant badge wasn’t just a tour–it was our modern interpretation of the Green Book. It felt like the very air was charged with the spirit of progress and profound legacy-building. We celebrated places and individuals who embody the essence of Black brilliance, much like the historic guide that highlighted safe spaces for Black travelers. Curious to learn more about our journey through the streets of Indy? Read on for the full rundown of our trip.

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How to Fuel Future Advocacy in Our Brilliant Kids

Picture this, our kids confidently express themselves, demanding recognition and knowing deep down that they are brilliant. How do we make that happen?

We are all about nurturing those inner voices in our kids and helping them become fearless advocates for their brilliance. You know, sometimes we can’t rely on community systems to recognize our brilliance and act on behalf of our brilliance.

The recent Supreme Court ruling on banning affirmative action? Yeah, that’s one more reason we must build up our kids from the inside out. So, let’s develop their inner dialogue to prepare our geniuses to expect greatness and make their voices heard. Let’s get it!

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Prepare to embark on a journey of love, connection, and celebration as we dive into the brilliant world of Black family reunions. This month, we explore the tradition and significance of these joyous gatherings, highlighting their place as a testament to the strength, legacy, and love shared within our families.

Join us as we share five traditions that can amplify and cultivate Black brilliance with your family at a reunion and beyond. From building a family brilliance board to planting a marigold garden for our ancestors, let’s celebrate our shared heritage and create a legacy of love and unwavering brilliance that will shine brightly for future generations. Let’s make this year’s family reunion the most memorable one yet!

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3 Ways to Celebrate Juneteenth Today and Beyond

3 Ways to Celebrate Juneteenth Today and Beyond

This month we are sharing all of the dopeness that comes with Juneteenth and how we celebrate it here at B is for Black Brilliance. 

Juneteenth is a day that commemorates the freedom and resilience of Black Americans. 

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Afro-mations: A Path to Restore, Release, and Reset

As we shared last month, Joscelyn Reed has joined our content and curriculum writers team. She’s a brilliant Black human, and we’re honored she’s chosen to join the B is for Black Brilliance movement.

We’re already learning so much from her journey and life. This month, she’s writing her first blog with us.

Check out the blog to get her wisdom for you, brilliant (and busy as heck!) abolitionist caregiver, and your kids. Read along as she shares an incredible story of realization, love, and the power of pause.

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A letter to my past self on brilliance and regret

As a little girl, I remember sitting at tables full of adults telling stories. I barely understood the story’s context, but I watched as the power of a good story moved through a room. The sweetness of each sentence drifted through the air like the smell of freshly baked biscuits. My favorite stories

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