B is for Black Brilliance is in a period of growth and expansion. As we experience abundance, I am reflecting on life and all of the lessons I've been taught about Black brilliance. As I manifested this dream, I wondered what I would say to all of the people that have shaped our brand and how I could express my gratitude for all that has been shared with me.

As I looked for ways to “speak” to each person about the legacy we are building, I started writing letters. Our blog is a compilation of letters to people who have influenced our brand. Each letter includes lessons for children and adults. I hope these lessons on love, healing, and brilliance serve as a tool for you and the children you care for each day.

Our Founding Story

For 13 years, I have worked as an executive coach, helping Black women, Black people, and people who work in allyship with Black people. The role found me, healed me,

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Letter to my Grandmother #3

Dear Grandmother,  Your house was the epicenter of our family, especially on holidays. I still can’t figure out how you fit all those people in your home or how you

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Letter to 2021

Dear 2021,  Thank you and goodbye. It’s been an “interesting” year. This word “interesting” has taken on new meaning over the past two (or three, I’ve lost count) years. In

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Grandmother,  I had french fries delivered to my house yesterday. They were left on my doorstep by someone I had never met. I wonder what you’d think of that?  I

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Dear Grandmother,  It’s been almost a year since you joined our ancestors. My soul misses you.  I’ve never been able to explain the connection I feel to you and your heart. Your

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