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Ignite brilliance in your home.

We have written a non-fiction children’s book highlighting 26 Black, brilliant individuals that exemplify Black brilliance. It’s illustrated by a brilliant graphic designer Kelly Marsh.

Three unique features of our book:
  • An eclectic collection of Black, brilliant, individuals and their legacies
  • Vibrant and authentic illustrations
  • Illustrated by Black people

B is for Black Brilliance proudly and fiercely affirms Black lives. Our work is to change the Narrative of Blackness from “in spite of” to “because of”.

our Non-fiction book

The B is for Black Brilliance board book is a short yet interactive read sparking conversation and taking infants & their caregivers on a journey from the past and present. In its pages, see twenty-six brilliant Black people who have changed society’s definition of Blackness by achieving great things.

our board book

The B is for Black Brilliance non-fiction book is a powerful and in-depth read. Take a journey from the past and present to see how twenty-six brilliant Black people have taken society’s definition of Blackness and reclaimed it with their inventions, talent, and leadership. 

B is for Black Brilliance aims to inspire the liberation of Black people, putting a whole new spin on the alphabet and displaying the brilliance of our ancestors.

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"black brilliance cannot be confined"

Shawna Wells, CEO & Founder