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B is for Black Brilliance is the result of collective energy and love. We are grateful to the ancestors who came before us. They gave us millions of examples of Black brilliance. We are grateful to our living ancestors, who give us the strength, courage, and love to heal and evolve our vision for the future. At B is for Black Brilliance, we believe gratitude is at the core of fulfilment and abundance. So, we offer thanks and love to the friends, supporters, and leaders who fuel our work:

Alejandro Rodriguez

Alex Bybee

Alexandra Bossert

Alfredo Melesio Jr.

Alma Rico

Amanda Fuller 

Amber Humphrey

Amelia Cline-Cooper

Andie Corso

Andrea Pursley

Angela Reese

Anne Hogan

Anthony Grant

Anthony Hariott

Ashley Pindeo-Carlson

Ava Mandeville

Betsy Peterson

Bex Ahuja

Bill Spirer

Bobbie Xuereb

Caitlin Reilly

Candice Dendy

Cheyenne Batista

Cindy Kang

Claire White

Clare Walker Leslie

Danelle Rager

Dustin Trevino

Elizabeth Malpelli

Elizabeth Stevens

Eric Leslie

Erica Mosca

Erika Martinez

Erin Keller

Gabrielle Wyatt

Heather Gould



Ingrid Boucher

Irene Cepeda

Isabel Acosta

Jamilyn Bailey

Jana Lavin

Jane Trivett

Jason Johnson

Jeana Marinelli

Jennifer Phillips

Jenny Fuller

Jessica Malpelli

Jessica Stafford

Jill Hoppenjans

Jill Rozmus

Jocelin Carranza

Julen Harris

Julia LaMotte

Julianna Worrell

Julie Cane

Katie McKnickle

Katie Pasniewski

Keith Waters

Kimberly Griffith

Latiffe Amado

Lauren McCann

Leniece Flowers

Lizzie Choi

Luzed Cruz

Matt Gee

Maureen Lamorena-Tatsui

Melanie Rivera

Melissa Meador

Meredith McNeill

Michela Blain

Michelle Delaney

Michelle Jackson


Mike Spangenberg

Molly Kuritsky

Nate Hunterton

Padmini Jambulapati

Pam Moeller

Patrick Brown

Patrick McAlister

Rebecca LaChance

Richard Bailey

Riley Kennedy

Rissa Gunderson

Robert Buck

Sandra Kinne

Sarah Fischler

Sarah Hoyle

Scarlet Osario

Scarlett Godwin

Sean Parker

Shara Hedge

Sharon Jindal

Sherman Whites

Soji Adewumi

Sona Baker

Stephanie Mezzanatto

Stephanie Patton

Stephen McClain

Stewart Hickman

Sundiata Salaam

Tamara Shear

Tami Hance-Lehr

Tim Hughes

Tomasine Dendy

Valerie Evans

Wendy Guyton

Wolf SilverOak

Gratitude is a habit

Cultivating and expressing gratitude begins with intentional practices. Grab our free guide to learn the habits that cultivate Black brilliance.