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join our movement & Be a Caregiver Fueling the Future of Black Brilliance

As caregivers, we have the power and responsibility to create the moments 

that will shape identities for our children rooted in Black brilliance.




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What began as a healing campaign to recognize, amplify, and celebrate the Black brilliance that surrounds us,

We continued as a movement to support Black caregivers as they intentionally invested in raising the next generation of Black and Brilliant humans.  

Now we have an entire curriculum to support us, the caregivers who breathe life into the moments that foster self-confidence, self-love, and Black brilliance.


The Legacy of Liberation Curriculum: The Caregiver’s Guide to Teaching Black Brilliance

Masterfully intelligent lessons designed to fit your busy and abundant caregiver schedule.  There are ready to go lessons and exercises that deliberately teach your kids to see, understand, and celebrate the vibrancy of their Black brilliance.

Includes done-with-you exercises, inspirational resources, creative tips, and vibrant activities.

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The Membership Community

Imagine a space where caregivers who radically love and respect Black brilliance can reach out to each other to be affirmed, to find strength, and to receive ongoing support, belongingness, and new ideas.

The community offers monthly events to connect caregivers and children, regular opportunities to learn from Black creators, innovators, and activists, and weekly curated Black-centered resources and activities.


Spark (for ages 0-3)

Our curriculum for children ages 0-3, engages young minds with literacy foundations, creativity corners, and affirming exercises.

Reflection for emotional development
Pro-Black identity in early learning
+ Age-aligned literacy and critical thinking
+ Immersive learning for music, dance, books, art

*Spark and Blaze automatically include our Caregiver Companion guide

Starting at just $97 (for a 3-month subscription)

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Blaze (for ages 4+)

Our curriculum for children ages 4+, equips kids to see their brilliance, pursue their passions, and connect with their ancestors.

Fosters self-awareness 
+ Integrates culture and pro-Black identity
Enhances literacy, research, and critical thinking skills
Immersive learning with music, dance, art

*Spark and Blaze automatically include our Caregiver Companion guide

Starting at just $97 (for a 3-month subscription)

schools & organizations

Select the Tier Level that Works Best

If you are a school or organization interested in purchasing in bulk quantities (40 or more seats), our curriculum works wonders in impacting multitudes of  caregivers and students. We offer three tier levels based on the quantity of seats needed.

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We cater to diverse learning styles to enrich every child’s evolution. Our curriculum includes rhythmic songs for auditory learners, hands-on activities for tactile learners, and visually stimulating books and dance for visual learners.
Our program is a recurring subscription that can be billed quarterly or yearly.
Our multi-sensory approach enhances learning and enjoyment, seamlessly integrating with other educational curricula for a well-rounded experience.
Our curriculum is structured in a course-like model, so that you can easily track your child’s progress and accomplishments over time. Lessons are shared weekly along with the Caregivers Companion Guide. This approach not only provides a clear roadmap of their learning journey but also allows you to celebrate each milestone as they grow and develop. It’s an intuitive system designed to give you and your child a sense of achievement and visibility into the educational journey as it unfolds.

The Caregiver Companion Guide is a vital part of the Legacy of Liberation curriculum. It provides guidance on seamlessly integrating the curriculum into daily life, whether you have direct access to it or not. This guide offers adaptable support for use in any environment, transforming everyday moments into valuable learning opportunities. It’s designed to make education a dynamic, living experience that extends beyond traditional lessons. Stay tuned for more robust features that we’re excited to introduce soon.