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Letter to 2022

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Dear 2022, 


You’ve gone by so fast that I can barely remember how you started. , In only 365 days, you’ve shown me the true value of legacy, love, and abundance. As they say, “You got to live and learn.” I spent our time together earnin’, learnin’, and affrimin’. The lessons gained will transform my trajectory and the trajectory of our two companies. (Yes, I said two, stay tuned.) 


You’ve taught me three profound lessons that will change the trajectory of my life. As an act of Divine reciprocity, I share the lessons you’ve taught me with our community.  


Lesson 1: Joy is a practice. Activating joy is a real and sophisticated practice because it takes solitude, rest, healthful relationships, and will. Joy, if practiced, can seed creativity, restoration, and recommitment. And yet, I am left pondering, How often do I engage in the practice of joy? How might I practice more joy? How can I support other humans as they practice their joy? 


Lesson 2: Plant corn, and you’ll get corn. What we intend is what we manifest. Sometimes, I look at my daughter and see myself. She reminds me to be intentional with how I move through the world. She repeats my tendencies, she loves like I love, and she heals like I heal—reminding me to be true to what I intend because it will manifest.  


Lesson 3: Play big, especially when you want to play small. We have less than 4,000 weeks on this planet if everything goes as planned. The blocks of time we spend worried about what may not happen or what we can’t do are a waste of time. We have the opportunity to live our biggest life. Our most well-thy (well + healthy = well-thy) existence comes when we make room for it.  


As caregivers and future ancestors, we have the honor and privilege of teaching our kids to cultivate their brilliance and go after lives that make them whole. Actually, it’s our responsibility to act as future ancestors.  


Let’s get still, shed our limiting beliefs, and embrace all the parts of our brilliance. 


Thank you, 2022, for the space to learn, hope, cry, and change—it’s been a dope year.