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B is for Black Brilliance Board Book Ages 0-4

The B is for Black Brilliance board book is a short yet powerful read taking infants and toddlers on a journey from the past and present. In its pages, see how twenty-six brilliant Black people took society’s definition of Blackness and reclaimed it with their inventions, talent, and leadership. 

B is for Black Brilliance aims to inspire the liberation of Black people, putting a whole new spin on the alphabet and displaying the brilliance of our ancestors. Join us to learn about them and those who have come after, to give every child the determination and courage to change the future as we know it. 

Suggested Audiences: 

• Black kids and parents of Black kids who want to access and build a new narrative of Blackness 

• Kids and parents working in allyship

• Caregivers (anyone with a kid in their life) that want to ignite a new narrative of Blackness

• School system leaders that want to provide their staff with books, resources, and educational tools that explicitly teach Black history AND Black futures 

• Librarians who want to invest in books about Black history AND Black futures

• Parents who homeschool their children and are looking for educational resources that amplify Black history AND Black futures

Anyone and everyone ready to activate change with and for Black kids, Black children, and Black adults


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