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Sharing Brilliance

Thank you for partnering with us to share B is for Black Brilliance. We have put together marketing materials to help you endorse and share our book and movement with your friends, family, children and colleagues.

Here are brilliant images of the book illustrated by Kellie Marsh that can be shared via WhatsApp and social media.

We have compiled short phrases to help you share the book

Here is a short description of the book that you can share

B is for Black Brilliance puts a whole new spin on the alphabet as it displays the brilliance of our ancestors and those who have come after them to give every child the determination and courage to change the future as we know it.

Each beautifully illustrated page provides a short, easy to digest, informative passage that draws you into the lives of each individual. B is for Black Brilliance is a powerful read that will take you on a journey from the past and present to see how twenty-six brilliant Black people have taken society’s definition of Blackness and reclaimed it with their inventions, talent, and leadership.

Shawna Wells, author and founder of B is for Black Brilliance, has taken her years of professional experience to launch this company, where the collective goal is to create a world where Black brilliance is widely acknowledged and celebrated.

The vibrant illustrations have been created by Kellie Marsh, a visual artist and founder of London based company “KDM Graphic Design LTD.” He is an avid and experienced Graphic Designer who has a great passion for Illustration. Kellie blends the Digital Art, Traditional Art and Graphic Design worlds to produce visually appealing and creative pieces.

We have prepared a preview of the book for you