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Amplify Confidence, Creativity, and Leadership Skills by Joining Our Virtual Summer Camp Community

Amplify Confidence, Creativity, and Leadership Skills
by Joining Our Virtual Summer Camp Community

ELEVATE black brillianCE THIS summer!

We recognize that caregivers wield the profound influence to shape our children’s identities that are rooted in self-confidence, self-love, and Black brilliance.

This means talking with our kids about who they are, valuing their perspectives, exploring their dreams, and sharing pride in our collective brilliance. It’s about making conscious choices in how we nurture ourselves and the children in our care.

The journey of raising brilliant kids unfolds in the everyday moments amidst our bustling lives. That’s why we created a community just for us, caregivers who purposefully invest in nurturing the next generation of extraordinary Black and brilliant humans.

Let’s dive deep into real talk, celebrate your kids’ big dreams, and reflect on our shared brilliance.

ignite your summer with BLACK & BRILLIANT virtual SUMMER CAMP

School is Nearly Out for the Summer, What’s Your Plan?

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Black & Brilliant Virtual Summer Camp! We designed a fun, affirming, self-paced, completely virtual summer experience for caregivers and their children. Our camp travels with you and your children no matter you go — from home to grandmama’s house to poolside!

We built this sacred space to honor our ancestors. Our membership community is full of Black-centered exercises that teach our children self-connection, self-advocacy, and leadership.

Join us for a summer full of intentionality as we discover new ways to celebrate Juneteenth, create deep connections at the family reunion (maybe even put some extra wobble in that wobble), and enhance our knowledge of our peoples’ contributions through engaging and interactive lessons. A 3-month subscription is just $97

we're on a quest to raise black children who are happy, confident, and free

Black & Brilliant Virtual Summer Camp is fueled by our ground-breaking, foundational Legacy of Liberation Curriculum that fosters lifelong habits and mindsets that will guide our children to build brilliant futures.

Each week, the Legacy of Liberation Curriculum provides you with pro-Black lessons and activities that will take you on a journey to heal your heart, make you smile, and help you connect deeply with the kids in your care. You get immediate access and the curriculum is available 24/7.

We’re igniting a new narrative rooted in our children’s innate brilliance. Here’s what we’ll do inside our virtual community this summer:

❇️ Showcase our children’s unique brilliance and creativity through lessons that serve as a reflective mirror of all that they are

❇️ Amplifly the voices of Black artists, activists, poets, and entrepreneurs

❇️ Celebrate Juneteenth, Black Emancipation Day, and the depth of the richness of our community and heritage 

❇️ Laud the robustness of Black style, skin, and hair

❇️ Underscore the power of Black community and the triumphs of Black success


Tailored for infants and toddlers, Spark lays the foundation for a journey of self-discovery

Crafted for busy caregivers and little ones on the move, our Spark curriculum seamlessly integrates lessons on Black brilliance into your daily routine.

Our curriculum for children ages 0-3, engages young minds with literacy foundations, creativity corners, and affirming exercises. It includes:

  • Reflection for emotional development
  • Pro-Black identity in early learning
  • Age-aligned literacy and critical thinking
  • Immersive learning for music, dance, books, art

A 3-month subscription is just $97


Geared towards older children, Blaze empowers these movers and shakers to recognize their brilliance, pursue their passions, and connect with their heritage

Our curriculum for children ages 4+ features collaborative exercises, handy caregiver tips, and immersive activities to foster closeness and bonding. It includes lessons that:

  • Promote self-awareness
  • Integrate culture and pro-Black identity
  • Enhance literacy, research, and critical thinking skills
  • Nurture immersive learning through music, dance, art

A 3-month subscription is just $97

early bird bonus – may 1-23!

Secure your spot for Black & Brilliant Virtual Summer Camp between May 1st and May 23rd to unlock an exclusive early bird bonus!

You’ll get a stylish LUNCHBOX and SNACK PACK, fresh from our Ancestor’s Collection, and we’ll even supply the camp snacks! – each lunchbox comes packed with delicious summer snacks sourced exclusively from Black-owned businesses. Plus, receive a free summer activity to kickstart the summer season with joy and creativity.

Don’t miss out on this amazing, limited-time offer when you sign up through May 23, 2024 only!

celebrate BLACK BRILLIANCE WITH US this summer

Ready to ignite your child's creativity, confidence, & leadership?

Join the Black & Brilliant Virtual Summer Camp to unlock their full potential. Gain access to our vibrant community, enriching resources, and exclusive events designed to empower your child’s brilliance.

Click to purchase Black & Brilliant Summer Camp, just $97 for a 3-month subscription, and enjoy full access to our curated curriculum and virtual membership community. Together, let’s rewrite narratives and shape a world that celebrates Black brilliance.