Summer Matters!

We’re Having a Conversation About:

How to Build a Summer Routine Rooted In Black Brilliance

Did you know that 75% of the time we spend with our kids in our lifetime will be spent by age 12?

It’s a reminder that we need to slow down, simplify, and prioritize the precious time we have with our children

Summer Matters Because:

  • It’s a perfect time for caregivers and families to connect, bond, and cultivate their special relationship with their child.
  • It’s a great opportunity to integrate culture and pro-Black identity rooted in self-confidence, self-love, and Black brilliance.
  • It provides the expansive time to build leadership, critical thinking, literacy, and creativity skills.

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WEDNESDAY, May 22 at 7:00 pm EDT, 4:00 pm PDT

We’ll discuss how to plan and build a summer routine rooted in Black brilliance including:

  • How to set intentions with your child this summer & learn what brings them joy
  • 5 actions you can take to navigate your child’s natural brilliance this summer
  • 19 ways to celebrate Juneteenth this summer that powerfully shifts the narrative of Blackness to acknowledge, cultivate, & celebrate Black brilliance all summer long

this conversation is for parents & caregivers of black & brilliant humans

Join us if you are seeking:

  • A relevant way to connect and bond with your child over the summer months that is fun, affirming, and shares pride in your collective brilliance
  • Black-centered exercises that teach your children self-connection, self-advocacy, and leadership plus amplifies and celebrates their identity
  • A summer experience that showcases your children’s unique brilliance and creativity and underscores the power of Black community and the triumphs of Black success
  • To foster lifelong habits and mindsets that will guide your children to build brilliant futures
  • A virtual summer experience that you can travel wherever you go this summer
  • An affordable option for summer experiences that packs a lot of value

about b is for black brilliance

Black brilliance cannot be confined!

At B is for Black Brilliance, we acknowledge and amplify Black brilliance. We design and share engaging, joyful, pro-Black books and materials that celebrate real-life examples of Blackness as genius for caregivers and kids. All of our materials are created by Black people as a movement ensuring that Black brilliance is acknowledged, amplified, and celebrated today and always. We hope this movement awakens a more profound knowledge of Black creators and ultimately propels us to the center of conversations about who to trust with knowledge as leaders, innovators, and curators for generations to come.

Our values stem from ancestral wisdom and our childrens’ power, creating the foundation for our work, life, and legacy. We chose to express our values in partnership because we believe embracing nuance is part of living a fulfilled life. Our values serve as guidelines for how we work, live, and love. We draw strength and guidance from each set of values to build our movement and our community.

about our founder

Shawna Wells is the author of the children’s book B is for Black Brilliance and the founder and CEO of an organization by the same name, whose mission is to center and uplift narratives of Black creativity, innovation and genius.

With 20 years of experience as an educator, Shawna understands firsthand just how deep the resource divide exists and impacts Black students, which is why she has pursued roles in education, leadership, and entrepreneurial platforms that allow her to speak to Black children about their inherent brilliance.

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summer matters: How to Build a Summer Routine
Rooted In Black Brilliance

7:00 pm EDT, 4:00 pm PDT
Via Zoom