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To the Little Black Queen with the Pink Folder

Children in Nature

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I was standing in the middle of the store, and you ran by me to grab the last bright pink folder on the rack. “This one, mom,” you shouted. 

I was struck by your beautiful dark brown skin. Your energy was palpable. Your hair was freshly braided in intricate patterns done with love. I was overcome by your power, by your future, and by the possibilities you’ll uncover in your lifetime. 

You are a gift, a reminder of our collective journey. Your ancestors, our ancestors prayed for you to have the freedom to let your Black brilliance shine.  

In this moment, with a pink folder in your hand and a big smile across your face, I am grateful to see the manifestation of their prayers.  

My mind flooded with hopes, affirmations, and love for you. Thank you for imbuing me with the wisdom of ancestors and energy of our future.  

As a bridging ancestor, I offer and share the words of affirmation our ancestors shared with me in that moment. 

Affirmations for Black Brilliance 

  • I am. 
  • Black is beautiful. 
  • I advocate for telling powerful Black stories. 
  • I move, learn, and play with the energy of 1,000 ancestors behind me.  
  • My voice, my opinions, and perspective are powerful and connected to infinite possibilities. 
  • I am. 


Thank you for unearthing and igniting these words that I will share with our community in the hopes that they will be used to amplify, celebrate, and cultivate Black brilliance with millions of other children.