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Yield to the Brilliance all Around You

Walking in nature

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Brilliant greetings y’all,

When was the last time you played the childhood game, Red Light, Green Light? It’s probably been a while. When I played the game, I always wondered about the yellow light. Why did it get left out? The slowdown, the yield, and pause just feel so important. 

There’s something about the moment between the green of go and the red stop for me.

When was the last time you took a moment to notice the world around you? When was the last time you listened to the wind or heard leaves crunching under your feet? 

There’s power in intentionally noticing with a mental yellow light – slowing down just enough to breathe and see the sights, scents, sounds, and the people that shape our lives. 

As busy caregivers, we often get caught up in wearing busy as a badge. Our kids have FIFTY-11 activities, and every weekend, they have a birthday party (whew- there are a lot of birthday parties). We find pride in getting them from one place to the next–as we should–but that busy badge can impact the quiet, peaceful moments that foster connection.

I’ve learned that inviting the act of noticing into our lives can be the pathway for cultivating Black brilliance. This practice of noticing our surroundings carries into the intimate moments that can spark brilliance in our kids. When we nourish those sparks, they turn into the flames that fuel brilliance for years. 

Sounds like an investment worth making, right?! Here’s how: 

To foster this sense of awareness and wonder in our kids, try this simple yet profound exercise before the temperatures drops it like its NOT hot. 

This is an exercise designed to help us connect with the environment, each other, and our inner selves: 

Walk It Out! Notice The Brilliance In Your Whereabouts and Each Other: Take a leisurely walk with your kids and young ones in your care. As you walk, engage in a playful game of observation.

  • See: Start your walk by focusing on what you can see. Maybe it’s the bright color of a flower or the unique pattern of a leaf. Encourage your kids to describe what they see in detail, maybe even make a game of who can spot the most unusual thing.
  • Feel: Next, focus on what you can feel. Is the air crisp or warm? Can you feel the texture of the bark on the trees? Encourage your kids to touch safe objects and describe the textures.
  • Like: Now, ask them about what they like. Maybe they like how the sun feels on their skin or the smell of fresh grass. This encourages positive thinking and gratitude.
  • Hear: What sounds are around you? The chirping of birds, the rustling of leaves, or maybe distant laughter. Teach them to appreciate the symphony of nature.
  • Need: What does the environment need? What do they need at the moment? This can lead to conversations about environmental care and personal well-being.

And then bring the activity closer to their brilliant hearts. Say to them, “Brilliance is everywhere, and I notice you are brilliant when you…” This affirmation cultivates their brilliance and helps them recognize and appreciate the fire within their souls.

In a world full of distractions, teaching our children the art of noticing is a priority. 

Let’s support kids to truly see the world and the people in it with eyes wide open. Urge them to understand how others fit into the beautiful mosaic of their own lives. Model recognizing and vocalizing the brilliance all around. 

A simple yet profound act of dropping a “Hey, you’re brilliant” can go a long way! This self-awareness is the first step in a journey of meaningful connections and mutual respect. 

We’re creating a world richer in empathy and connection – a legacy of brilliance that starts right at home.

And, maybe we should figure out how to reclaim the game of Red Light, Green Light!? We could call it Red, YELLOW, Green Light. Imagine the slo-mo fun from that shift.

I see you,